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LOOK BELOW for unique TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System Tools and TPMS Light Reset Books

TPMS Valve Stem Tool picsTPMS Valve Core Depressor Tool pic

TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor System Valve Stem Valve Core Depressor

If a TPMS valve core is seized in the valve stem this is a simple tool to release the air pressure in the tire. It is very important that a technician does not exert too much torque trying to remove the seized valve core as it will typically damage the TPMS valve stem, which will then require replacement. Keep in mind even the CORRECT valve core (nickel plated) can seize in the stem if exposed to moisture, road salt, over tightening or other road contaminants. This TPMS tool simply depresses the valve core allowing the air to come out, without the technician waiting while a “pocket screwdriver” is used to deflate the tire. Most Professional auto technicians that own these tools, have 4 of these in order to deflate the tires without wasting any time.

A great value at $10.00 for a set of 4 Tire TPMS Valve Core Depressor Tool!!!!

Tire Valve Core Torque Tool

TPMS Tire Valve Core Torque Tool $14.95

Properly installs and removes valve cores, including late model vehicles with the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Torque tool is set to 4 inch pounds, to prevent under and over torquing the valve core. Helps prevent valve core leaks causing low tire pressure and possible TPMS alerts.

# Tire & Rim Association has raised the recommended torque specification from 1.5 - 4 inch/lbs. to 3-5 inch/ lbs.

# "Slip-Clutch" mechanism in tool slips after proper torque is reached

Slim design allows access in tight spots.

* Prevents over or under torqueing.

* Is mandatory for the TPMS valves to maintain proper pressure.

* Acts as a core remover and precise installer.

* Prevents triggering TPMS due to low pressure from valve core leaks.

* Prevents premature tire failure due to leaking valves.

TPMS Tire and Wheel Mounting and Dismounting Procedures

Digital Tire Pressure GaugeDigital Tire Gauge

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 0 - 125 PSI

Tire Pressure Montoring Systems (TPMS) require accurate Tire Pressue settings. This Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is the ulitmate in accuracy. When you are ready to retire your old "pencil" style tire gauge, this is the one for you!

Easy to read and super accurate

Battery indicator on display

Air pressure release button

External gauge bumper

Auto Off feature to save battery, can be adjusted by user

Easy to read to .1 psi

17" hose with angle chuck

Includes silver carrying case

Can be field calibrated if needed

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge with Case $129



$19.95 for over 2 Hours of Technical Training

TPMS Training Video


NEW!! TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor Systems Training Course

With EVERY new car having TPMS by 2008, this class is a need to know course covering the most popular failures and testing of TPMS systems. Data gathered in this class is derived from Hotline Calls from techs with TPMS problems. This class will cover operation and testing of both Direct and Indirect TPM Systems, including how they work and the different problems associated with them. From accelerometers, to Pulse Modulated RF testing, this class will cover the keys to fixing these systems in a simple practical way, including the "tire pressure hokey pokey" technique. With over 10 TPMS manufacturers, this class simplifies the groups to allow the technician to get to the bottom line faster. Most importantly, learn how to stay out of trouble when servicing these new systems. This class will prepare the technician for troubleshooting as well as resetting each individual system. Learn about ALL the new tools out there that may or may not help you with the TPMS light. Other highlights include, rules regarding aftermarket wheels and tires, servicing TPMS valve stems, dealing with common failures Run FLATS, PAX and other technologies used today.

19.95 for the DVD!



Tire Pressure Monitor Reset Book

Tire Pressure Montoring Reset Book with Reset Procedures.

Covers Import Cars and Domestic Cars through 2009!

TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor System Description and Operation.

TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor System Valve Stem RESET Procedures.

TPMS Tire and Wheel Mounting and Dismounting Procedures for

Valve Stem and Band Type Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors


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