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3 Laser 4 Wheel Alignment Laser Wheel Alignment System

You can do a FOUR wheel alignment using the vehicle centerline!!

This is the fastest easiest way to setup a Two or Four Wheel Alignment.

10 Times FASTER than string wheel alignments!

No strings to setup, or bump out of position.

No heavy Jack stands or other heavy car parts to "weight the string alignment system".

Here is the procedure..............

Porsche Wheel Alignment

Simply place the Laser Bar in front of the car. (Or behind the car)

Align the Center Laser with the vehicle centerline.

You now have 2 perfectly parallel walls of Laser shooting down both sides of the car.

Porsche Wheel Tool

Use a ruler, tape measure, caliper or our "toe measuring tool"

to measure from the wheels to the laser!

In the image above, our Toe Measuring Tool (included with the system) is installed on the left front wheel.

The tool has 2 rulers on it that face the laser to measure toe in or out

(this is the shiny silver metal pieces facing you that the green laser is shining on).

This tool can also be held against the wheel by hand. The difference between the front and rear measurement

is the INDIVIDUAL toe in or toe out measurement for that wheel. For example if the front ruler measured 1/2"

and the rear ruler measured 1/4" the Left Front wheel has 1/4" of toe in.

The tool can be then moved to the rear wheels to measure the toe in or toe out

wheel alignment on those wheels.


Porsche Front Wheel AlignmentPorsche Rear Toe In

This tool lets you set individual toe in and toe out angles for individual toe settings,

most importantly you are setting the toe angles to the vehicle's centerline.

This allows perfect individual toe measurements with precision accuracy.

This system allows your wheel alignments to come out perfect,

including a perfectly straight steering wheel when you are finished!

You can even measure from the top of the wheel to the bottom of the wheel for camber!

$2589 SALE $2099!!! with high power RED Lasers

$2589 with high power green lasers (green lasers are only needed in sunny environments)

BUYER BEWARE!!  These are NOT your TYPICAL "home store, handy man lasers! 

You DO NOT want to use conventional lasers to align your vehicle!


Unlike other wheel alignment systems, since we are measuring from the vehicle centerline this system can be used for many other alignment angles. This includes front or rear axle alinement, chassis to suspension pickup point alignment, and MUCH MORE!

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