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Toe In Tool with .004" accuracy

This Laser Wheel Alignment "Toe In" Angle Gauge is an ideal way to

Measure Toe In and Toe Out Angles

Features of this Laser Wheel and Axle Alignment Gauge include....

  • FAST Chassis Setup!!!
  • Get your Toe In and Toe Out Readings in less than 2 Minutes
  • Works on all Car and Truck Wheels from 5" to 28"!!!
  • Cordless Battery Power!!!
  • No wheel alignment head cables or power cords!
  • Works on UN-Level Surfaces!
  • Portable Accurate Wheel Alignments in your home or shop!!
  • Lazer Toe-In accuracy to .004" every time!!!!
  • Wheel alignment Toe Angle equipment is a perfect match for our Digital Caster Camber Gauge

Complete Total Toe Wheel Alignment System

(includes all hardware and video and printed instructions)


This is for Professional Heavy Duty Toe Gauge Designed for Auto Repair Shops or Truck Repair Shops even on UN-Level Surfaces!

Undercar Digest Magazine Top Tool AwardProfessional Tool and Equipment Magazine Top Tool AwardSEMA Show Top Awards

We are very PROUD that our Wheel Alignment Systems have won

MANY Prestigious Automotive Industry Awards!!

If you are a Truck Wheel Alignment Shop this also works on Heavy Duty Trucks!

This Version of this Portable wheel alignment tool is also

for Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Wheel Alignment

For $985 this tool does "Toe In" and "Toe Out" on all Trucks and Tractor Trailers

Steer Tires with any wheel size up to 28" wheels.

Includes Class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 Truck Heavy Duty Wheel Alignment.

Because of the speed in which the Toe In and Toe Out can be measured this tool is also our most popular Wheel Alignment tool for Professional Car Wheel Alignment Shops.

If you replace a tie rod, strut, or other front end component there is no faster way (or more accurate) way to get the wheel alignment done than with this tool!  This is why professional auto repair technicians from around the world use our Laser Toe Gauge.

This Portable Heavy Duty Wheel Alignment Equipment

comes with how to Instruction Manual as well as VIDEO Instructions!

Wheel Alignment Video Picture

Note: This wheel alignment video is large and may require a few minutes to download.

Trouble view this file: click here for an alternative video


Optional Carrying Case $209

This is a custom made foamed lined wood storage case, not a univeral carrying case!

Pictured Below

Wheel Aligner Carrying Case

Advantage Wheel Aligner System

(We have a less expensive light duty version of our Laser Toe Gauge which is designed for race cars with wings, low ride heights and aerodynamics)

(not recommended for Passenger Cars and Trucks)

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